“M’CHEL BAUXAL provided a wonderful addition to our yoga video shoot team. She arrived early, set up, and had the cast members ready and beautiful in short order. She supported us with regular touch-ups between shots, keeping the cast members looking fresh in 100 degree temperatures under blazing sun and high winds. Perhaps her most important role, however, was to support the morale of our actors. as she worked with them, she developed instant rapport and gained their confidence. They felt comfortable talking freely with her, and she made them feel heard and cared about. This was very important to help maintain the calm atmosphere that a yoga video shoot would require. as I look at the footage, I’m deeply grateful to M’chel for making our actors look beautiful and natural.”

Maryellen Hockensmith – Producer YogaTones

“I have worked with Mʼchel Bauxal on several occasions and every time has been a wonderful experience. She has been a guest on our show, AM Northwest, sharing her expertise with our viewers. She consults our hosts in make-up application and has served as make-up artist for VIP guests. Mʼchel is always on time and always prepared. She is wonderful with whomever she works with. She has great style and her presence is constantly requested for the show. Mʼchel is able to create a fun atmosphere. She is open to suggestions and ideas and does what it takes to make our segments entertaining and informative. Mʼchel would be a tremendous asset to your production!”

Steve Denari – Director of Creative Services – KATU Television | www.katu.com

“In my role as Satellite Services/Production Manager for Fisher Pathways, I have the responsibility of providing makeup artists for national network programming and satellite media tours. M’chel has been working for me for the past 6 years. With energy, creativity, and wonderful people skills, she throws herself into every project, big or small. I have been personally fortunate to experience the fruits of her efforts while recommending her in make-up application training for KATU News (the ABC affiliate in Portland Oregon). Our general manager wanted a top notch make-up artist to train our on-air talent to prepare them for HDTV. Some of our anchors are very high maintenance. M’chel always maintains a professional demeanor. She responds appropriately to critical situations. She is very dependable and also very flexible. This is key in our business! In short, I would consider any company very lucky to have M’chel as part of their team.”

Debbie Armend – Satellite Services Manager – Fisher Pathways Portland | www.fisherpathways.com

“On March 15, 2008, I contracted with M’chel Bauxal to provide professional makeup and hair services as I competed in the Mrs. Oregon International Pageant. M’chel was highly professional, listening to what my needs were, and responding accordingly. She has a great knack for knowing what works best and I felt very confident in her services (As a contestant in a competition where appearance can make or break you, there is no room or time for mistakes!). With her talent in making me look my best, that confidence transferred over into my competition. I won the title of Mrs. Oregon International 2008. M’chel then asked me to serve as a model for her regularly scheduled segment on the ABC affiliate KATU-TV2’s, AM Northwest chat program. Again, she was completely knowledgeable and professional backstage, and on camera. I would not hesitate to contract with M’chel again. I loved working with her and her staff, and I know she will do a great job in a professional manner, and I will look my very best. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at any of the numbers listed below.”

Debra Gilmour –  Executive Director (Mrs. Oregon International 2008)

“M’chel Bauxal is one of the hardest working people in this business I know. She is confident, reliable, has a great attitude, and consistently produces some really great work. When I think of makeup, I think: M’chel. She takes individuals and turns them into a work of art. She can get rid of the smallest blemishes in your face, make you look like a princess, or if needed can turn you into the best dressed monster for halloween. I have produced, created, and served as talent on Television and all I ever hear from my co-workers or friends is how good M’chel is. I believe she is the perfect fit for any film that needs a professional and experienced makeup artist.”

Austin L. Reed – TV Reporter for Fox News Portland – Oregon Radio Personality for MOVIN-FM Portland, Oregon

“As a Production Manager dealing with multiple projects (both with crew and equipment), things can get crazy. That is why I rely on the kindness and flexibility of great freelancers. Recently, Picture This Production services, (http:// www.pixthis.com) received a call from a previous client from Los Angeles who was looking for her “usual” crew for a behind-the-scenes shoot for the Feature Film, Coraline at the Laika (http://www.laika.com), production facility in Hillsboro, Or. This was a very “high-profile” shoot that required a great amount of professionalism and confidentiality. Shortly before the shoot, I got word that the regular make-up artist was only available for one of the four days of the shoot. For days I scrambled to look for a replacement, being shot down at every turn. Finally I found M’chel, who rescued me from a certain egg-on-my-face situation. She was graceful and accommodating… waiting patiently for call time and location for her first day. Once the shoot was over I was pleased to hear from the producer, Laura Gross of L.E.G. Productions, (http://www.legproductions.com), how happy she was with M’chel. She said she fit right in with her usual crew and never missed a beat. From now on I will not hesitate to make M’chel my first call when I need a top-notch makeup artist. I believe you should do the same.”

David Renshaw – Production Manager – Picture This Production Services

“I had the pleasure of working with Mʼchel Bauxal for three days last week as we were shooting interviews and B-Roll for Laika Studios in Portland. Our schedule was ambitious, we covered multiple locations, and we had many people with a variety of looks for Mʼchel to deal with. Mʼchel was a total professional, was never flustered by our busy schedule or location changes, and she made everyone look natural and fantastic! On one day, she even kindly made me up (putting makeup on your own producer is definitely above and beyond the call of duty) when a particularly long day made me look a bit worse for wear! As a tough critic on my own look, I know Mʼchel does a great job, because she quickly took me from bedraggled to “like new!” Mʼchel had a great manner with talent, the rest of the crew, and with me, and I hope to work with her again, and would recommend her highly to anyone looking for a makeup artist.”

Laura Gross – President/Producer/Director – L.E.G. Productions, Inc. | www.legproductions.com

“Last year I had the pleasure of working with M’chel Bauxal on Dead or Alive, Discovery Channel and National Geographic. M’chel was our makeup artist / hair stylist for a reanactment story about hypothermia and what the body does in its struggle to survive. We were filming, by luck perhaps, in near blizzard conditions around Timerline hotel and the lower slopes of Mt. Hood. M’chel not only created all the very realistic looks for the various stages of hypothermia but worked her magic under difficult environmental challenges as snow was blasting across the mountain. Even our expert Dr. H. Speros was convinced by M’chel’s hypothermia makeup. I would certainly recommend M’chel for her talents and her professionalism. She was a pleasure to work with and constant help.”

Pip Gilmour – Executive Producer

“During two of the five years we produced Rose City News on Comcast channel 11, and the year and a half we produced Teen Edition on Comcast channel 14 (Portland, OR), Miss Bauxal was responsible for makeup and hair / wardrobe for the talent. This included news, sports, weather and entertainment anchors and a host of guests on a weekly basis. I found Miss Bauxal to be not only talented and professional but a genuinely caring person who made all the kids (ages ranged from 11 up) feel special. The adults she worked with were treated respectfully and always made to feel welcome and comfortable on the set and before show time. This was something Miss Bauxal did on her own with no direction. In fact, to be honest, I rarely got the chance to visit with her for more than a few minutes because we were both so busy on show days. But I do know I can attest to her talents and I also know that our kids loved her. And when dealing with youngsters, their relationships with the adults is extremely important. I highly recommend Miss Bauxal to be a part of your feature film Without a Paddle 2. She will be an asset to your organization and to the production, as she was for us.”

Chris Reed, CEO – A Word In Edgewise, Inc.

“I have had the privilege of working with M’chel Bauxal for 3 years, and in that time she has made me sparkle in each and every way! M’chel has been my personal Make-Up Artist and Hairstylist for all of my major events in the Portland area, ranging from personal appearances for “The Biggest Loser”, to television shows like “AM Northwest”, and photo shoots alike. M’chel is an artist first and foremost. M’chel is one of the most talented and most professional artists I have worked with. As a an international Plus-Size Model, I have had the opportunity to work with Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists all over the globe, and M’chel is by far the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with. M’chel is a joy to be around, and a true talent. M’chel will be the best Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist for your film. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions, or if you would like to see a sample of the work she has done on me. M’chel is a diamond in the rough, and will make an amazing asset to your team!”

Rasha Spindel-Chapman – Plus-Size Model and star of “The Biggest Loser”

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